Christmas Decorating Ideas

Winter holiday time is a very special time of the year for me. My mother had wonderful Christmas decorating ideas that she used to make this time magical for us. I have tried to follow her lead in using Christmas decorating ideas to help my family enjoy the holiday season.

I find that there is a fine line between festive and gaudy. I do not want to cross that line so I try to keep my Christmas decorating ideas centered on natural items and lights. I love candle light and wanted to find a way to use this outdoors. My older sister told me that in the 1970’s, during the energy crisis, many people used ice globes in their yards. To make the globes you fill balloons with water and place them in your freezer. The balloons freeze from the outside in. You need to keep checking the balloons to insure that they do not freeze all the way through. Once the ice has built up around the inside of the balloon you pop the balloon and drain the water out of the cavity that is formed in the middle. Sometimes this includes chopping a hole in the top. This process produces ice globes. By using different sizes of balloons you can create several sizes of globes. I found that using rings from canning jars make a great base to stand the globes on. A candle is then placed in each globe. We live in a cold climate so I place several of the globes on our steps and line our driveway. The votive lights are easy to light and the globe protects them from going out. I have also arranged several sizes of globes to create ice sculptures in the front yard. These Christmas decorating ideas require no storage because the candles burn away and the globes melt.

In the house I use evergreens and ribbons along with traditional glass ornaments to decorate the mantel as well as the table tops. The evergreens stay fresh for several weeks and can be burned in the fireplace after the season is over. The bulbs and ribbons store very easily in flat boxes. The best Christmas decorating ideas do not involve a great deal of money or storage of items. By using the natural evergreens and ice there are no storage issues and the costs are minimal. Also you do not feel that you are limited to the same Christmas decorating ideas each year because you can change the shapes and sizes of your ice globes and new ribbons and different colored bulbs are inexpensive to buy. Last year I used popcorn and cranberry strands in place of the ribbons. After the holidays I placed the strand in the trees outside for the birds to enjoy. Christmas decorating ideas do not have to be expensive to be tasteful and pretty.

6 Cheap Bedroom Decorating Ideas

When you’re looking for ways to redecorate your bedroom easily and cheaply, you might feel at a loss of where to start. It’s easy to do though, and here are six quick decorating ideas for your bedroom that won’t break your budget:

1. Move the Furniture – Yes, something as simple as rearranging the room can make a huge difference in how it feels. This is one of the easiest ways I know of to make a room feel new… and it doesn’t cost a dime.

Try putting your bed in a corner instead of against a wall too, this gives the room a more homey, intimate, and elegant touch.

2. Change the Walls – The most common way to change your walls of course, is to simply paint them. And it doesn’t really matter if you paint them a new color, or simply put a fresh coat on – both will make major differences in how the room feels. You don’t have to actually paint the walls to make them different though. You could instead put up an attractive wallpaper border, or stencil some designs on as a border instead. Borders can be placed at the very top of the walls, or around the middle area instead, to create a more old fashioned, rich and elegant look.

3. Change the Bed – Buy a new comforter, duvet, or bedspread. Better yet: Buy an entire new set complete with sheets and pillow shams. If you’re not able to buy an entire set, then get just one or two items. The bed covering and pillow shams make the largest difference, so I’d suggest starting with those.

4. Hang Prints on the Wall – The idea here is to put framed prints on your wall. These can be photographs, artwork, or even posters. They don’t have to be expensive, and in fact you may already own photos or prints that just need new frames or mats.

Some people like to create wall hanging arrangements of family photos in their bedroom, but I personally dislike that idea. The bedroom is a private place, and having the feeling that family members are watching you there can be disconcerting and uncomfortable.

5. Put out vases of silk flowers/floral greenery – This is extremely easy to do and you don’t have to be a design wizard to create floral arrangements. Just find a pretty vase, glass or jar – if you don’t have one on hand they’re extremely cheap to buy. Then buy a handful of pretty silk or plastic flowers and greenery. There’s no mystery to buying these either, simply choose greenery that you like, and flowers that compliment the colors in your room.

The colors don’t have to match exactly either. If you find beautiful silk white flowers for instance, and your room is primarily decorated in blue, then add a sprig of small blue flowers to the white ones and they’ll enhance the room perfectly.

6. Put in a new lamp – Bedside lamps are particularly cozy, and they’re useful as well. Small bedside lamps or even nightlights can be quite inexpensive when you shop around for them. You could also put new wall sconces about your bed, dresser, or on either side of a wall mirror for additional elegance.

Decorating Ideas For Everyone

The task of decorating is loved by same and hated by others. People who consider themselves to be artistic or creative are probably the same people who enjoy nothing more spending entire days gathering decorating ideas. The not-so-creative among us would find looking for decorating ideas boring or frustrating.

It is quite possible that those who are frustrated anytime decorating ideas are mentioned are that way because they have been looking for decorating ideas in all the wrong places.

Finding great decorating ideas does not require a degree in art or the ability to put make something beautiful out of a canvas and a few oil paints. It does, however, require a little bit of patience and a good perspective. Anyone looking to decorate even the smallest space of a home or office must realize that finding great decorating ideas may not happen in an instant or even in an afternoon. Be assured that the more time and care you put into the process of finding decorating ideas, the better you will enjoy and be satisfied with the area you decorate.

For a first step, go into the room or the area that you are hoping to decorate. Grab a notebook and sit down for a few minutes. Try to visualize what you hope this room will look like when you’re done with it. Write down any ideas or impressions that come to mind. Even the most uncreative people (if there are such people) should be able to articulate the kind of space they hope to decorate. Some of your best and most creative decorating ideas will happen as you simply think of what you hope for.

Once you have some ideas to start with, take some time to gather decorating ideas from other sources. This can be as simple as paying close attention as you visit the apartments and homes of friends. You can learn great decorating ideas by seeing what others have done. Make a mental note of things you especially liked and things you would never want to repeat in your own home. Be sure to write these ideas down once you return home. Learning from the decorating mistakes and victories of others is one of the absolutely best resources you have in gathering decorating ideas for your own space.

Another great source for collecting great decorating ideas is magazines. Sit down at a bookstore, enjoy a great latte, and get lost in the ideas of other homeowners and professional decorators. Keep your notebook handy and begin to form some concrete decorating ideas as you see what has worked. When you are tired of sitting walk through the home sections of department stores or look through home decorating stores such as Pier One or Pottery Barn. In no time you will have narrowed your list down to the perfect decorating ideas just for you.

Take Time To Gather Decorating Ideas

One of the things that drives me the craziest about people who are decorating their new homes is seeing them rush into many decisions and then regret them soon after. As an interior designer, that is the worst thing I see. It might be surprising that one of the biggest things I have to tell people is to relax, slow down and enjoy the process of gathering decorating ideas before they commit to anything.

I think part of why people are in a rush to decorate their new homes is because our culture is all about rushing and getting things done quickly. So few people like to enjoy the process and really make intentional decisions about their home. I think that having a home is one of life’s best gifts, and therefore I love seeing people take that gift seriously and make the most of the opportunities they have.

When you realize what a privilege it is to have a space to call your own then I think you will value the decorating process even more. I think only as you see the value of the home will you value taking time to gather decorating ideas. By gathering decorating ideas keep in mind that I am not suggesting that you take six months or a year to gather an endless amount of ideas that you will never use. I do, however, mean that you should take a few weeks and really look at your options before making any big commitments.

One of the all-time best places to look for decorating ideas is in magazines that are focused on home decorating. Order a subscription to a couple of good ones or borrow some magazines from a friend. Just get yourself into them and start looking at what is popular right now and what catches your eye. You will quickly learn that the things that catch your eye have a pattern to them and you’ll be off and running to creating your personal style in no time.

While it is wise to ask for opinions and suggestions from decorators, friends and family, ultimately you have to choose what kind of decorating ideas to incorporate into your own home. So be cautious about letting others influence you too much. Don’t be afraid to try something unique or to go out on a limb with a decorating idea. The best place to experiment is within your own home.

Best Baby Shower Cake Decoration Ideas

If you are struggling to find a unique and creative baby shower cake design then read some of the ideas below. You might not find the exact cake idea that you are looking for but you can get some creative and fun ideas. The ideas will hopefully get your imagination working and you can find some creative ideas of your own.

Baby Shower Cake Theme:
The first thing you always want to consider when organize for a baby shower no matter if you are thinking about decorations, favors, or cake is the theme. This is the first and most important design element. You want to tie your cake decoration into the theme as much as possible. Often the theme an the

Baby shower cake toppers are hot! What are they you might ask? They are a little decoration that goes on the top of the cake. It make the cake unique and interesting and adds a little bit of decoration. The come from the traditional wedding cake that has a topper of the bridge and groom. You know the little man and women at the top of the wedding cake. These are called cake toppers. In the case of a baby shower you can also find or make your own cake topper that is appropriate for a baby shower.

Popular Easy to Find Baby Shower Cake Toppers include:
* Stork carrying a baby
* Sleeping baby
* Baby rattle
* Baby pacifier

One of the things you will really want to take some time on is coming up with the saying. It is typically best to think of the theme and the baby shower cake saying or inscription before deciding on what type of cake you want to make. Usually deciding these two above things first you will have your cake decoration and idea already laid out for you..

Popular Cake Decoration Ideas
There are so many different cake decoration ideas and you can even find a ton of free cake decoration ideas online. Below are some of the most popular ideas for decorating a cake for your next baby shower. The list is not meant to be exhaustive but rather to spark ideas.
* Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Cake This one doesn’t need much explanation except that Winnie the Pooh is one of the most popular baby shower themes around. The only decision you have to make is if you want the Classic or Modern Version of Pooh. Either way you can end up with a great looking cake. It is pretty easy to bake a cake and then cut the shape to look like Winnie the Pooh and the frost it to match.
* Belly Baby Shower Cake This one is also pretty self explanatory but can be a fun idea. Again you bake a cake and shape it like a mommy’s pregnant belly. You can then frost and decorate accordingly.
* Baby Shower Gift Cake Here is another fun free idea for a baby shower cake you can easily make at home. For this one just use a square pan and then frost it to look like a present. You can get as details as you want with this cake. Adding more ribbon (from frosting) and fancy wrapping paper (from frosting again) you can really add some special touches to a baby shower gift cake.

If you are stuck for ideas for decorating the baby shower cake take some time and go back through this article. Then spend some time planning the theme and inscription of saying that you want on the cake. This should spark some ideas for you. IF nothing still comes to your mind then close everything and turn off the computer and go for a walk or a long drive. Usually you will have some kind of inspirational idea while you are out doing something else. If you are still stuck after that and just can not think of anything and have not found any good free cake decorating ideas then try doing a Google image search and see what you come up with.